Democratizing Experiential Learning with VR

Easily Create VR Experiences

ProximalVR is a no-code tool for building interactive virtual reality learning experiences. Educators can create 3D VR simulations as easily as building a slide deck. Students can view them on nearly any device.

About Proximal Design Labs

VR is the future of experiential learning, but only if it’s available to everyone. ProximalVR is designed to let educators (K-12, higher ed, professional, technical and more) create interactive VR simulations using simple drop-down menus. If you can build a slide deck, you can build a VR experience with Proximal VR.

Unlike any other tool, Proximal VR simulates the experience of being in a real place and able to place your hands on real objects. Students can engage with Proximal VR on their own devices, from desktop computers to VR headsets to Chromebooks to mobile phones.

What’s more, Proximal VR can be integrated with specific state curriculum requirements or other learning objectives, making it possible to incorporate student assessment into the interactive experience.

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What We Offer

From discovery to development.

Curriculum-based K-12 tools for teachers

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer and build a VR-based lesson, designed to meet your state’s curriculum requirements and providing student assessment, with the skills and technology you already have.

Hands-on tools for learning professional skills

Trainers and instructors can create hands-on experiences that replicate the skills necessary to learn a particular task, delivered remotely and without putting additional burdens on facilities and staff.

Virtual experience development

We can consult with you to create customized learning environments built around your educational outcomes, lesson plans, or institutional goals.


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